About Us

Premier Hydraulics Specialists

Conjugate Engineering has evolved since 2005. Its business approach is encapsulated in its positioning statement of “structured ingenuity”. Conjugate Engineering relies on the demand for engineering services in Construction, Manufacturing, mining, Chemical, Agriculture and plastics industries that plays a pivotal role in the country. Conjugate Engineering has a clear strategy of using its collective skills, experience and understanding of automation engineering to develop a unique value proposition to clients. we have been working in the business of hydraulics and automation engineering for years, providing customers with the exceptional 24/7 engineering services they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Skilled Technicians

Our team of skilled artisans, technicians and hydraulics experts can help you create the perfect system, get the components and products you need and maintain and repair your system for the long term the system with the right maintenance and service can save your company money and our goal is to help you get that perfect system. we offer service throughout South Africa including 24hour mobile service and repair in Gauteng. our services include mechanical and electrical new installation, upgrades, breakdowns, planned services, routine checks repairs machining welding and fabrication.

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner
Conjugate Engineering’s goals and objectives are to become your trusted partner for all your hydraulics and automation engineering needs we offer industry leading customer services because we now that our customers are the only thing that matters. When you work with Conjugate Engineering we build the relationship on honesty integrity and trust. We center our business on customers aiming to provide the best products, best prices and best service for every person who who purchases from us. We are customer driven hence we tailor make our strategies to customer satisfaction.